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 At Ireland Training and Translation, we pride ourselves on giving the best quality, value & dedication to our clients nationwide.  Please review the course list for more details on our courses.  We are only a phone call away from helping you decide when course is best for you.

Driver CPC

Driver CPC is a Certificate in Professional Competence for professional bus and truck drivers.
The Driver CPC was established to set and maintain high standards of road safety, health and safety and driving among professional drivers (those who drive for a living) of buses and trucks and to ensure that all professional drivers have good driving and safety standards and that those standards are maintained throughout the professional driver’s career.


Forklift Training

1. Basic Forklift Training   –   This five-day course is designed for beginners with little experience, who receive a certificate of qualification at the end of the course, provided they achieve the required standard in the theoretical and practical tests. There is an individual assessment of the operator’s ability given at the end of the training.

2. Experienced Forklift Training   – This two and a half day course is designed to create safety awareness for experienced forklift truck operators so as to avoid possible accidents in their workplace by teaching the participant how to operate the forklift truck safely.  Training is generally carried out in your own workplace or alternatively some other suitable venue can be arranged. There must be a forklift available on site, also there must be a clear area where the forklift can be operated.

3. Refresher Forklift Programme  – This one-day course is suitable for experienced operators who require a refresher course. This course is designed to keep participant up to date with any changes in forklift operations.


Abrasive Wheels Training

This is a half-day course designed to provide the course participants with the appropriate knowledge of the hazards and dangers of working with Abrasive Wheels. It also provides the participants with the expertise required to mount an abrasive wheel.

Course content:

  • · Safety In Industry (Abrasive Wheels) Regulations, 1982
  • ·  Identify the hazards of working with Abrasive Wheels.
  • . Evaluate the causes of abrasive wheel accidents
  • . Define the method of selecting the correct wheel for the job
  • · Inspection and testing of the abrasive wheel.
  • . Guarding of the grinding and cutting operations.
  • . Dressing and truing the wheel.
  • .  Functions of the components, flanges, blotters etc.
  • · Assembling and balancing components

Duration: 4 hours

No. Of Participants: 10 (maximum)

Certification: Certificate of Attendance


MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms)

This one day course provides safety training and assessment to ensure candidates can safely operate MEWPs in line with regulations. This course includes both boom and scissor lift.   Operators must learn the safety precautions required and the various safe use of the MEWP itself. They must be able to identify and address the hazards of operating MEWPs in different environments.

Duration: One day

No. Of Participants: 10 (maximum)

Certification: Certificate of Attendance  -valid for 3 years


Occupational First Aid

This is a FETAC level 5 course.   All employers are required to have a specified minimum number of Occupational First Aiders trained and deployed in the workplace under the terms of the Safety Health & Welfare act 2005.  This three day course covers a comprehensive range of topics to prepare the qualified Occupational First Aider to administer emergency care in the workplace. Participants will learn a high level of practical skill and theoretical knowledge, so that they can deal competently with any situation that may arise in the working environment.

Duration:3 days

No. Of Participants: 8  (maximum)

Certification: Valid for 2 years and is awarded by FETAC


Basic First Aid

This course is tailored to teach participants how to administer basic first aid and the procedure to follow in the event of an accident occurring in their work place.

Duration: 1 day

No. Of Participants: 12  (maximum)

Certification: Certificate of Attendance  valid for two years



Preparation course for Case Study Driver CPC EXAM

Duration: 3-4 hours